Engrossing, enlivening and exciting town-planning exercises in SimCity Buildit

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Being a vociferous fan of mobile games and having played SimCity for quite some time now, the game’s easy of play and visuals appealed to me a lot. This freemium offering omits some of the common incongruities, inconveniences and interferences of other town-planning and city-building games. I found it’s relatively easier to place or move buildings and allocate spaces for roads and public utilities. What struck me as a great positive in the game-play was the fact that it doesn’t include any person-to-person clash or enmity, let alone crime. Creating and solving individual differences and acrimony is not the purpose or even the slightest content in this game. Your main objective is to build a city with all resources that you’ve to assimilate.

You’re only central character in the game. I am the protagonist of SimCity as the builder of the town and also the player in the free-to-play game. A very interesting thing for me was that I could also choose to remain an antagonist. But in that case, I’d be ruining my own game and destroying myself. What I really liked about it is that there’s no hunch of violence in SimCity, at least in the main game. Children of all ages can play this. I found that to be a good departure from similar other games where the city-based town building game-plays have to include and showcase bloodshed and gore in its celebrated best. This game shuns those threadbare and cheap tactics to gain attention.

However, structures in the city like houses and factories do burn, but the causes are grossly different. These are faulty maintenance, improper planning or layout. Natural calamities like storms, hails and tornadoes can wipe out pockets of the city. As regards the factor of consumerism, I found that it’s one of those games that don’t compel you to tread one path only. You can get through it for a while without feeling any compulsion or need to spend cash. There are instances when you need to hit the in-app purchases to procure materials for building stuff, but you can use simcity buildit hack apk to get infinite resources for free.

The most rattling thing for me was that the more I played, the more tempted I became to play it to the next level. The different phases and developmental layers of the game are designed in a way that entices players to spend some cash. Can’t help it though because that’s how all games thrive in the market and EA is no exception.

It didn’t take me long to discern that the in-game’s SimCash accounts are but real-world cash, which has the range of $5-$100. Once you venture out with a bucket of residential zones, you’ll find how you can pave the path for the city’s inhabitants to go to their houses and settle down happily and peacefully. I didn’t have to pay for this particular development and neither will you have to. You don’t have to pay for the roads as well. However, you can’t keep placing the roads continually or in an intermittent manner without earning the utilities. Leveling up is all you’ve got to do here.

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