Different Modes of the Marvel Contest of Champions

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Marvel Contest of Champions is a game that has been launched in answer to DC’s Injustice: God among us. The game is said to amazing control and gives you a variety of moves that you can use to play the game better. Contest of Champions can be played on both Android and Apple devices and can be downloaded for free from the Play store or App Store. On downloading you have to register your name to get follow-up emails if necessary. However, you can also play the game without registering.

Rewarded according to Level’s Difficulty

At the start of every chapter, you will have to choose a team. Depending on the team, the difficulty of the game will also vary. This is because your heroes will not be replenished of health at the last stage of the fight and you will have plan ahead of time and work out a strategy that will help you win. You can also choose the easy way and enjoy a relaxed session of gaming. However, the reward that you get will also be small. If you choose the hard way and battle to your hero’s maximum ability, you will find yourself at the edge of your seat throughout the game and the reward that you get will also be appropriately large. By the end of every battle, you will be able to win ISO-8, gold, potions and also crystals.

Versus Mode and Event Quests

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Versus and Event Quests are other modes that you can use when you are playing alone. In Versus you will be able to participate in online battles. There are also many formats available that you can use to spice up your battle. A good example is Quickmatch which is a one-Vs-one battle where you will be asked to fight with anyone in any part of the world in one match. On the other hand, Event Quests gives you a different quest to tackle every day. These quests will always have a timeframe and the reward will be huge. However, if you cross the timeframe, you will not be able to access it. Every quest will have 3 chapters of which the first one will be open for you and you will have to win it to unlock the next chapter. On winning the quest, you will be able to get loot and several other items.

Other than these two modes, Battle Drums is another mode where you will be given the chance to select three heroes to form a team and fight against another team. The game runs on a clock which when achieved will result in big bonus. For entertaining purpose, limited-time versus modes is also available which you can play to get more money. The game is quite engaging to play and brings the heroes that are seen on TV to real life as you control their every move. You can also use Marvel Contest of Champions Cheats to earn more points without having to struggle for it.

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